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Technical Practitioner

Steve is our on-site technical practitioner who designs, fits and dispenses prescription lenses for patients who are reliant on corrective eyewear.

Lens Lab

We provide the latest in digital lenses, including, Varilux, Zeiss, Shamir and more. With our onsite lab, we can produce a diversified range of lenses from sport to prescription, as well as, provide you with a broad selection of unique and quality frames.

Eyeglass Repair

Our eyeglass repairs include hinge and arm replacement, lost screws, adjustments, tightening and more.

Pick a Frame, Any Frame

If you already have a pair of frames that you love, bring them by our Carmel location and Steve will personally take care of them for you; from repair to lens replacement, all frames are welcomed to trusted hands. We provide the highest quality lenses to craft you the perfect glasses to fit your lifestyle. If you are looking for something new, we carry a large variety of unique frames for when you want to stand out from the crowd or keep it simple and clean.

Quick Turnaround

If you find a pair of sunglasses that are not polarized, and you would like to have polarized lenses put in, we can do it same day. Any non-prescription lenses you have that you want to bring in and make polarized, we can do it same day, also. If you want single-vision lenses, mono lenses, we can do that same day, or next day.


Our goal is to help you be your best self and see life clearly.

We are located at:

Lincoln & 6th Ave.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

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