Taking Care of Your Eyewear

When cleaning your glasses,

always use a good lens spray. You never want to spray the lens directly so that the liquid doesn’t get into the rim of your glasses. Otherwise, it stays there and there is no way to get it out, which could cause other problems with your glasses later on. It is better to spray the cloth, wipe your lens and then use a dry cloth to polish, remove any streaking or excess liquid. If there is something stuck on your lens, be gentle, the longer you rub the lens the more likely it is to come out, just be patient.

Be careful using just any type of fabric to wipe your lenses, there is a chance, if it is dirty, that you can scratch your lenses. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about a scratched lens, so use caution, they can be expensive to replace.

If you are ever in our store, feel free to ask us for a small bottle of lens spray. We have some of the best spray around, and it is good for any type of lens or screen. We can also provide you with an extra cloth if you don’t have one or just need a new one. It is always a good idea to have one or two around, especially if you are always on the go.

When removing your glasses remember to always use two hands to do so. This way, you protect the temples of the glasses and therefore, not loosen them or potentially lose a screw. If this happens, feel free to come on by to our Carmel store for a quick adjustment or tightening. We can replace your lost or loose screw and get your glasses feeling as good as new again.

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